The Heartbeat of Nature, Shin Ye-jin

Shin Ye Jin

19artworks, 58min
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Through dozens of plants and hundreds of butterflies, the vitality and vitality of nature overflows in the space reconstructed by the artist. This reminds us that the natural ecosystem, which is endlessly damaged by humans, has the purification and resilience of nature that heals itself without human help. When you recall the memories and emotions you imagined while looking at the huge nature as a child and compare them with the new nature presented by the author, you can feel the new charm of nature. How about looking at Shin Ye-jin's work and thinking about the relationship between humans and nature from the perspective of nature, not from a human-centered perspective?


    • Shin Ye Jin
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      Artist Shin Ye-jin captures the image of nature from a child's perspective. It expresses how great and great nature is from a child's point of view. It reminds us of nature's purification, healing, and resilience through butterflies, which symbolize nature, and shows an ecosystem that heals itself. Get away from human-centered thinking and rethink the meaning of nature, and through the work, it becomes the point of nature and makes us think about the coexistence of humans and nature.


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