Happy New Year

Ellie Lee and 1 others

8artworks, 13min
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The warmest time to welcome the new year after the year. Watch the works of three people, Albert Kiew, Lee Ellie and Lee Ji-yeon on TV, and keep an art poster.


    • Ellie Lee
    • Ellie Lee icon_more

      Lee Eli works with a lovely and grotesque feeling. It uses a wide spectrum of colors, ranging from bright and bold colors to low and calm colors. There is a dreamy story in the world abyss of a popping artist. It's a contradictory painting that attracts laughter with its vibrant colors and at the same time makes you fall into contemplation.

    • Lee Ji Yeon
    • Lee Ji Yeon icon_more

      Lee Ji-yeon says that she is working on touching and groping herself with her eyes along the path of grass and trees, and painting them. The senses that are touched and groped with the eyes are converted to another sense on the canvas through brushes and paints. If it's a series of trails that spread out the experiences that you saw and felt while walking along the road on canvas, it's a series of bouquets that portrays the imagination of them becoming still life.


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