Cystic vertebrae (囊中之錐)

Shin Sa Im dang

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Shin Saimdang, the person with the highest 50,000 won bill among Korean bills. Her son is also well-received in his children's education, which is engraved on a 5,000 won bill. She is a female artist who showed her abilities even during the Joseon Dynasty when she did not properly appreciate women's abilities. In addition to painting, he also showed talent in poetry and calligraphy and was also good at embroidery. Enjoy Shin Saimdang's work, which suits the idiom of Nang Ji-Chu (囊中之錐), that talented people can stand out even if they hide.


    • Shin Sa Im dang
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      Saimdang Shin Clan was a literary man and Confucian scholar, painter, writer, and poet of the mid-Joseon Period. Yulgok Yi Yi Yi, a Neo-Confucian scholar and politician in the mid-Joseon Dynasty, is the mother of painter Lee Mae-chang. He is from Gangneung, Gangwon-do, and his main building is Pyeongsan.


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