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Lim Sang Hee

10artworks, 31min
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    • Lim Sang Hee
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      Through the 임상희 작가는 대한민국의 서양화 작가이다. 주로 원근법이 반영된 다시점의 풍경화를 그리고 주 소재는 마을 풍경과 골목이다. '眞景" series, it expresses its hope that the site of life will be maintained to avoid social reckless new town development and feel the atmosphere of the old. Like the artist's drawing method, which delicately draws perfection to even small parts, everyone dreams of a society where everyone is cherished and harmonized without being left out. In addition to flat-panel works, artist Lim Sang-hee has carried out a project called "Return Your House" where residents of Daldongne can participate, and hopes that art will approach ordinary small citizens in a friendly manner.


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