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Na Hyun Shin and 1 others

10artworks, 27min
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Ding dong! A gift has arrived from PATRON! We have prepared a gift-like exhibition for you who are tired of daily life. Press the play button to have a healing time with cute toys as if you are opening a gift box.


    • Na Hyun Shin
    • Na Hyun Shin icon_more

      Na Hyun-shin dreams and lives in a blue room. In the process, the artist's objects become the user, the writer himself. Things that used to exist as simple substances gradually wear blue and are given a new role. Observers in the blue room re-establish their own aesthetic virtualities and expand the experience space to a new room. Na Hyun-shin's work is thus recursive and has the characteristic of continuous expansion.

    • Park Yeon Suk
    • Park Yeon Suk icon_more

      박연숙 작가는 현대의 미(美) constantly exploring. After teaching, the artist is continuously exploring new areas by living a second life. The number of words that modify artists such as fashion designers, senior models, terafists, and art directors continues to increase. He questions the symbols that express the beauty of the body. The muscular hero's body doubles as the beauty of Korean tradition. What is true beauty? The answer to that is to suggest the overthrow of the gender. Discover a new aspect of beauty.


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