My Family, My Strong Side.

Edouard Manet and 1 others

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    • Edouard Manet
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      Edouard Manet (1832-1883) was a French modernist painter who greatly influenced impressionist writers. He presented works that overthrew traditional notions of the time, including portraying "Goddess Venus" in the paintings of 16th-century master Titian as "the prostitute of reality." In addition, it was painted with limited colors such as flat surfaces, thick border lines, and black that do not have a three-dimensional effect in shape. Looking at his paintings, people criticized him for not being the basis of his paintings. However, impressionist artists pay great praise to his work and are greatly influenced by his work.

    • James Tissot
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      James Tissot is a French painter and engraver. Tiso was also praised as a Victorian high-class painter and worked in England. After the Franco-Prussian War and the Paris Commune in 1870, Tiso settled in London in 1871, where he achieved remarkable success as a satirist of Vanity Fair and a painter depicting the elegance of women. After the death of her roommate Caitlyn Newton in 1882, Tiso returned to Paris and successfully presented portraits depicting women of various social classes and their surroundings. From 1888 until his death, he devoted himself to biblical-themed works and expanded his artistic world with the knowledge he gained during his visits to Palestine and Jerusalem.


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