The World of Black and White

Kim Yeon and 1 others

8artworks, 21min
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The artist's delicate brush touch captures various lines and patterns in the work. The closer you look, the more beautiful the landscape unfolds. Fall into the quiet and calm atmosphere and charm of black and white.


    • Gu Na Young
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      Gu Na-young works on drawing with Korean paper and ink as the main ingredient. It expresses the sensuous composition and various atmospheres with a joke of ink. It captures the joys and sorrows of life and the emotions of daily life in the work. It draws empathy and resonance by drawing the moment as if it were recording it.

    • Kim Yeon
    • Kim Yeon icon_more

      Kim believes in the power of space. In the snowy forest, the settlement of the fallen cold snowflakes comforted the heart. The peaceful space is filled with cloudy ink on hwaseonji, and each day of stability constitutes the artist's world. Enjoy Kim Yeon's work and feel at ease.


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