Me And Blue And Things, Na Hyun Shin

Na Hyun Shin

13artworks, 37min
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Na Hyun-shin fills the blue room by reconstructing everyday objects in a private space. The artist finds himself through objects in his daily life and sees familiar objects again. If you look at the work, you can see the meaning that objects have been newly given in the artist's eyes. Why don't you reconsider the meaning of things in your daily life and appreciate them?


    • Na Hyun Shin
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      Na Hyun-shin dreams and lives in a blue room. In the process, the artist's objects become the user, the writer himself. Things that used to exist as simple substances gradually wear blue and are given a new role. Observers in the blue room re-establish their own aesthetic virtualities and expand the experience space to a new room. Na Hyun-shin's work is thus recursive and has the characteristic of continuous expansion.


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