Collect Moments Not Things

Nam In Geun

15artworks, 35min
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The artist Nam In-geun captures nature all over the world in a frame. He collects vast natural moments through the language of photography and gives an indescribable view of an individual's life. I want to grasp the true essence in one cut by pointing out the flow of time passing by. Please enjoy the picture of Nam In-geun and reflect on yourself.


    • Nam In Geun
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      Photographer Nam In-geun was born in Seoul, Korea in 1974, and is a photographer who has built his own world by studying photography on his own from film cameras to digital. Nam In-geun, a photographer widely known for his emotional expression of landscapes and documentaries around the world, sublimate travel and daily life into meditation through photography, and he unravels the awe, mystery, and providence of nature in time that can be found through coexistence with nature. The interface between nature and life that he met throughout the world is extremely calm but painful, sometimes wonderfully beautiful, and sometimes evokes memories buried in the abyss of our memories. His photographs, made from personal experiences, show his mysterious power of comfort, teaching, and meditation to others.


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