Let There Be Light

Seo Sook Yang

21artworks, 52min
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Let there be light. The heavens and the earth were opened and the source of life began with light. The existence of light that originates through the darkness goes straight through the air forever. The material closest to light is gold. Artist Seo Sook-yang expressed light using 100% pure gold. Light represents purity with the other face of darkness. Read hope in the dark that lights up the darkest and most painful moments. The message of light delivered by Seo Sook-yang shows a new eye that looks beyond the physical properties.


    • Seo Sook Yang
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      Seo Sook-yang's artist shines with gold. The permanence of the gold leaf, which cuts through the darkness and emits light, gives the effect of being visually imprinted deeper than the paint that has been used as the main material in conventional planar painting. He uses a material called gold to track down life and sources that were created by light in the beginning. The artist's work shows the emission of light by itself, not by a mixture of gold, giving viewers a spiritual resonance.


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