When Fall Comes,

Henry Farrer and 11 others

16artworks, 55min
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After the unusually long rainy season, a cool wind blows in the morning. Autumn, the season of heaven and earth paralysis, has come without knowing when summer has passed. Please enjoy the famous paintings that contain the scent of fallen leaves at the end of your nose where you can feel the calm autumn atmosphere.


    • Henry Farrer
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      Henry Farrer (1844-1903) was a London-born American painter known for his tonalist watercolor landscapes and copperplate etching. A founder of the Etching Club in New York, he did not receive formal art education, but built his own artistry in engraving. Having lived in New York for most of his life, he created a number of Brooklyn landscapes in New York by etching copperplate engraving techniques.

    • Salomon van Ruysdael
    • Salomon van Ruysdael icon_more

      The scenery viewed from 나르덴 출생. J.van 라위스달의 숙부이다. 1623년 하를럼 성(聖)루가 화가조합에 들어가 1648년 하를럼 화가조합장이 되었다. 초기에는 에사야스 반 데 벨데의 영향으로 낮은시점(視點) was expressed using extremely limited colors and light effects. In the latter half, a new style of painting was established by painting Dutch villages and riversides through sharp contrast of light and shade. Representative works include "The Farmhouse by the Road" and "The Ferry."


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