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Park Seo Bo

Painter Park Seo-bo (1931~) was a pioneer of Korean abstract art that led to monochromatic painting following the Korean abstract art Enformel in the late 1950s. In particular, he is famous for developing the unique spirit and formative language of Korean tradition in his own way through "the physical properties and actions of materials." His representative work, Myoje, is largely divided into three periods. First, in the 1970s, after painting a canvas with white paint, it was the period of "pencil drawing" that repeatedly drew lines with pencils before drying. The second is the period of "Zigzag Mystery" in 1982, in which the act of rubbing or scratching Korean paper before it dries. During this period, works rediscover the beauty of hanji and color. The third is the "late-stage art" period since the 1990s, when the works used tools such as ruler to create furrows at regular intervals, and also emphasized the rich color.


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