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Kim Jiana

Kim Ji-na's work is 'Painting of the Soil'. Like painting with paint on a canvas, the artist attaches a piece of porcelain made of soil that is thin enough for light to pass through, that is, a potlin. The color-bearing thin Poslin creates different images depending on changes in conditions such as light concentration, direction, and time. Critic Yoon Jin-seop described Kim Ji-ana's work as "an infinite form of soil is a ubiquity of the three raman statues that exist in the universe, forming a microcosm in the plate (板上)." Actually, it is. His potions are a collection of universes. The author's quest for soil dates back to his time studying in the United States. At first, he majored in stage art, but was fascinated by soil work, so he recklessly visited Marek cecula's ceramic studio and claimed to be an assistant. After that, he changed his major to the Department of Ceramic. When I came back to Korea, I visited a rice cake maker and learned how to make rice cake. The process of making rice cakes by kneading the powder mixed with water and kneading it with the ingredients was similar to his own soil work


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