Kim Yi Su

Kim Yi-soo is one of the authors of "post monochromatic painting" that continues the genealogy of monochromatic painting. His representative work, "Infrastructure-Landscape," shows a landscape that changes from time to time as the density of air and the wavelength of light change over time, even in the same space. Originally, "Inframance" was a concept originating from Duchamp that meant subtle differences that were difficult to identify with the eyes. The artist expresses the scenery that reveals these subtle differences in a thorough abstraction. A fine landscape is created by applying lime on a plaster band and drawing a pencil on it, or by the light and thick accumulation of horizontal lines drawn in acrylic paint. A straight horizon is the boundary between the sea and the sky, and the sunset is the boundary between time to swallow light and wind. The writer stands on the line.


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