Connection,Karma 20233-26

Choi Young Wook

Choi Young-wook drew attention in the overseas art market when he purchased his moon jar works from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation founded by Bill Gates in 2011. Since then, he has also collected his works in the royal family of Spain and Luxembourg. As such, his moon jar is loved not only at home but also abroad. The moon jar drawn by Choi Young-wook is a moon jar in his mind. His process of drawing a moon jar resembles that of a potter making pottery with all his heart. After making pottery, draw endless solid lines on a milky-white jar. The lines he draws mean the 'road' of life in which we meet, break up, and meet again. In other words, it is a "karma" that is closer to "relationship" between business and relations (緣). He wants to convey this message about "Karma as a relationship" to visitors.


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