Young Mother Sewing

Mary Cassatt

Born in Pittsburgh. She was the only American and female to directly participate in the Impressionist movement in Paris. Born as the daughter of a wealthy family, she studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and spent half of her life in high society in Europe. In spite of his family's opposition, he learned painting and happened to see E. Degas' works, so he was attracted to Impressionism and submitted to the Impressionism Exhibition four times after the war. The style was close to Degas, characterized by a clear color and cheerful touch, and the theme was a scene of middle-class families, mainly mothers and sons, reflecting her dissatisfaction with being single all her life in a hard social life. He was a supporter of many Impressionist works of the Unknown Period and contributed greatly to introducing Impressionist to the United States. He died blind without being recognized as a painter. It was only after her death that she became highly regarded.


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