Choi Geum Hwa's Photo Exhibition beyond Here

Choi Ku Ma

20artworks · 1h 1min

The sunlight entering the ruined house and the artificial light of the outdoor golf driving range that exudes a great presence. Are these two lights you see beautiful? What does it mean? As long as it exists, any form of value and beauty can be found. Even if it's left behind and abandoned. The interior of the house in the 12th district of Oksu-dong retains the scent of a space that has left traces of life for a long time. Sunlight and traces of human habitation evoke negative smells and remind us of memories of life. The city lights up cars at night. Surrounded by artificial light, like streetlights. When the night air sinks, a net-patterned golf course embracing green light appears as another life in the city. The unfamiliar power of the familiar city, the light of the exhibition space replaces the sunlight. The play of light spread by urban lighting becomes the core of the city center. This brings us back to the original. As if returning to the desert without a horizon. Ryu Ga-heon's special exhibition, Choi Geum-hwa's photo can also be viewed as an offline exhibition at Ryu Ga-heon.


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